Just want to thank you for all the times you came over to my parents, your patience in all the questions you answered repeatedly, and giving us all peace of mind.

I appreciate what you are doing for me more than I can express.

Jan Hostetler

It is a comfort to us to know that our assets are in a trust and that everything is in order.

One of the saddest times in my life was to have to go to court with facts that proved that my precious father was mentally unable to handle any financial or physical decisions. A physical problem caused dementia. One day he was a sharp intelligent man, the next day he didn't know what car keys were.

My husband and I will never have to go through that with our trust in order, including POA and Living Will for our children to follow.

Thank you,
Judy Hoge

We were never concerned about protecting our assets from Probate and being able to pass them on to our family.

We decided to join the Retirement Planning Association. It was then that we purchased estate planning documents to avoid the Probate situation.

Now we have the services provided by the Association available whenever we need them. We just wish we had heard about the RPA sooner.

We highly recommend the Retirement Planning Association to anyone.

Carl & Mary Collins
Terre Haute, Indiana

I want to express my appreciation for the helpful services of the Retirement Planning Association. We joined the Association before my husband passed away, and they helped us get our finances in order. At the time we joined the RPA, we did not know how seriously ill my husband was. How wonderful it has been for me to have assistance at a time such as this.

I would highly recommend the Association to anyone who needs their expertise.

Evelyn Vibbert

I want to thank you for all your help in getting all of our documents, and other papers taken care of in a very professional manner. There's a lot of paper work setting up a Revocable Trust. I would never have done it without your help. Again, I and my wife thank you very much.

Charles & Mariam Carver

We wanted you to know how much we appreciate all of your help and kindness you have shown us at such a trying time.

You gave us reassurance that made us feel so much better.

Everything came out right in helping us with our Dad, Orlo Strahm, thank you!

In loving appreciation,
Joe & Pat Bessegato
Michigan City, Indiana

I am writing to thank you for the services your Association provides.

When my parents informed my siblings and me that they had made arrangements with your Association to purchase a Living Trust, we were, to say the least, skeptical. We didn't understand what they actually purchased and we thought they had been taken advantage of. They were sure of what they did and no one could talk them into canceling the trust.

My father passed away in 1998. My mother passed away in 2001. After mom's death we learned the value of what they had done. Everything we needed to know and to do was set up in the trust. Settling the estate provided to be extremely efficient and relatively simple.

We are grateful for what our parents did for us and thankful to you and your Association for the professional guidance you have provided.

Kathleen Heinrich

I really appreciated all the expert work done for my estate planning.

M. E.

I needed help - you had the answers, and I appreciated your professionalism.

L. M.

We were overwhelmed and did not know where to turn - until we met with you! Thanks for being there for us.

H. & M. W.

We knew we had a lot of work to plan our financial future. We did not know where to turn until we met with your organization and received utmost professional assistance.

C. & M. C.

We checked out our purchased documents with a couple of attorneys and their opinion was that the documents were very professional and more than adequate.

P. G.

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